Saturday, 19 May 2012

Je suis completely and utterly FLATTERED!

So a particular highlight of mine and L.T.'s various trips to Paris (and there are shitloads), was a group of fun-as-fuck strangers pointing to us individually and saying, 'swag' and 'swag'. Yesterday, this precious memory was eclipsed by me being asked by a beautifully-dressed, camera-clad passerby whether she could take my picture for her street style website. Errrr, yeah you can! I walk around the streets of Paris hoping for nothing more!
Does it matter that it probably won't go on there in the end? No.
Does it matter that when I told her I'm not good at posing (lies- all I ever do in life is pose), she said that it doesn't matter because it's mainly only about the clothes? No. (Even though, hey, what's wrong with my face, lady?)
Does it matter that it's a website I've never even heard of? No.
This whole debacle reminds me of when I showcased in a Landrover brochure when I was 10. The sentiment is still the same- all that matters is that somebody liked my work, and that that somebody thought I looked fly enough to photograph.
Day. Made.

Alright, so I know you're gagging to know what I was wearing on this magical day, and luckily for you, I found these gems that I took before leaving the house yesterday! TWIT TWOO!

I do feel as though I should probably explain... I don't have a full length mirror in my room here, so I often go through the process of taking various pictures from different angles on my webcam to check I look acceptable. And here we are, with these Vogue-ready shots.
I'll talk you through the look: We have a little grey Topshop jumper dress with lace cut-outs on the hips to make me look like I have a Barbie waist (ha!), which unfortunately doesn't particularly cover my arse, so for dignity purposes I teamed it with my H&M cycling shorts (these solve endless problems), and some plum tights.
I'm then wearing acid-y, obviously.
And a heavy duty gold chain, just because.
You can't see, but I'm wearing my DM's, and my nails looked well good, look:
Don't be scared; my fingers don't really look like this...
She seemed to like this bit best of all, because she got me to position my hand in a million different ways, so maybe my hand will be the star of the show...
I've then accessorised with a squat in that second photo, straw hair, and an unusually long fringe. What a babe.

Now let's start frantically checking the website every day, shall we??

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