Saturday, 19 May 2012


Customary over-the-shoulder grimace...
Casual fingers-through-hair shot
Looking right at you, 'Eya.
Another over-the-shoulder gem for your pleasure.
Well, as you can see, my fringe has taken a turn for the... 90s. Much as everything else in my life always seems to.
Never a problem, always a joy. Aint no shame.
It has grown out a LOT, and being as I can't be arsed to find a decent hairdresser in Paris (I somehow feel that it might be kinda tricky to find one that'll do it exactly right-I'm fussy as fuck), I've had to deal with it dangling in my eyes. Which is not okay. So, more through lack of any other options than anything else, it has parted like the seas, and now resembles that well-loved 90s boyband staple: the curtains!
So here are my four principal hair role models (also happen to be all of my childhood heart throbs... well, mine, and every other single girl's circa 1999...):
1. Oh Leo. The original and best curtain-wearer.

2. Adam Rickitt. Fancied him like NOBODY'S business when I was little. I remember I used to see him on Top of the Pops, writhing around with his top off, and it was just too.much. Zac Effron who? 10 year old girls these days don't even know what an attractive male is, honestly though.

3. Well it would've been a crime if I didn't mention this little tinker, wouldn't it??

4. And the best 'til last! Hello you!

So here's to living in the past forevs!
At the end of the day... Backstreet is back, and quite honestly, I have a feeling they're going to be hanging around for a while...

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