Friday, 6 April 2012

Fave Five

I may not be the most 'stylish' girl in the world, but I think I'm the flyest bitch I've ever met. And that's not being big headed; that's just the way it should be. I like the way I dress, of course I do- that's why I pick it over every other option out there. You should be the flyest bitches you've ever met yourselves. If you're not even convinced yourself that what you're doing is wicked, then how is anybody else going to buy into your shit? They're not. So I'm never going to apologise for thinking I look nice- that's the whole reason I took time to get dressed this morning.

In other (more toned-down) news, a 2 minute chat about my fave five items purchased in France led me to properly think about which things I really would struggle to get dressed without. I love most of the clothes I've bought recently (and there are a lot...), but here are the five that made the cut:

1. Chelsea DMs

Don't even know how I would've got through the bitter Millavois winter without these bad boys. They were my Montpellier bargains- €30 and in P H E N O M E N A L condition. Wear them most days; love them always.
Go with everything I own and are one of those essential pairs of boots that make you wonder how you ever lived without them.
(Also, never really seen the higher heeled version on any foot but mine, which makes them that little bit more special!)

2. Acid-y

Well it's pretty enormous, as you can see, but it fits how I like, just the right length and with the shoulders low down on the sleeve. Worn with the sleeves rolled up over little 90s dresses and with plum lips, it's the most fun anyone's ever had.

3. Cropped Cream Dream

THE jumper I'd been looking for my entire life. Kinda cropped, but with the perfect sleeve, the perfect weight, just perfect. Teamed with cut-off Levi's or leather skirts, worn over mini or maxi dresses, or even flung on over a high-waisted jean, it just works.

4. Lennys

Nothing needs to be said here. When I put these on I just feel goooood. It helps that they go with my little 90s throwback, 'Clueless'/Gwen-Stefani-in-her-No-Doubt-days, vibe that I can't seem to shake recently, but I think even if they didn't I'd still wear them. They're too cute not to. One of the more expensive purchases I've made, but definite laffs-per-wear good value.

5. Groove Army-ada

I'd been looking for one of these all year, and then I found a HUGE selection in a vintage shop in Paris. I made L.T. traipse around a whole arrondissement the next day to find it again, but it was worth it. Only for it to fly into the river in a freak sandstorm the week after... Once again, L.T. saved the day and heroically dived in after it (she is my BFF for a reason!) The only minor issue is that Millau's local homeless man rocks a very similar one, so occasionally we look like colleagues (shit... come to think of it, I did actually get groped by a tramp in Paris last time I wore it...) But these are the risks you've got to take, all in the name of 'avin'-a-laff.

^ A prime example of me havin' a laff in 3/5 of the aforementioned wardrobe staples...

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