Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Baywatch Beware!

Alright, so I've always liked second-hand shopping. Aint no shame! However, I used to be civilised about it, even a bit squeamish at times... My girl, P.R., likes to remind me regularly that the first few times she took me to 'Cow', our fave vintage shop in our university city, I used to scratch my way around the whole shop, delusionally whining that I was allergic to dead people's clothes. Since moving to Millau, that's a long-distant memory. Now, I have really gone onto a whole new level... justtttt out of control thrifting. So much so that I can't actually remember the last time I cut a label off a new item of clothing, or could wear said new item of clothing without having to wash the smell of closed attic off it before use.
Going to need at least six more cases to take all of my newly acquired treasures anywhere with me.
My newest acquisition is this silver swimsuit (there's just no stopping me; I did tell you): 

It looks pretty harmless, doesn't it? HA! That's where you're wrong. Not harmless at all- far from it. I'm going to Cannes and then Nice on a little Easter Vay-Kay with L.T. in just over a week, and we've been planning what we want to pack since our last trip. Now this little madam above ^ is definitely going to be coming along for the ride. It's about to be tits, crotch and other bits just all completely al fresco, but in the very best way. E N O R M O U S struggle getting her on, but now she's here to stay! Plus I'm so tightly encased in the silver siren that I might just leave it on all week to encourage me to be a Baywatch-ready babe for THE RIVIERA. 
Can't wait to wear it- and breathe in- all day long. I normally go for the teeniest tiniest, preferably strapless, ideally not-even-there, bikinis, for tanning reasons, but I doubt we'll have summer weather, so I might as well have a whale of a time in my shiny one piece! Now all we need is a yacht and some sun! Wheeeey!

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