Friday, 7 October 2016

Blue boots, split ends

She woke up panicked and sticky skinned. She'd dreamed of walking down the aisle to him. She'd been wearing blue ankle boots and her hair needed a trim, but all she could think about was how glad she was that her mum was there.
    When her alarm sounded his name was on her screen.
    Calling him back, she yawned, 'you called at the exact time my alarm went off.'
    'You set your alarm for 11?'
    He laughed, rueful.
    'I had a dream about you,' she said.
    'What was I doing?'
    'I can't remember,' she said, even though she could. 'How was your night?'
    'Good. I had my pals over and we drank a lot, played poker. Jenny was a mess again.'
    'Oh,’ she said, stretching her limbs across the duvet. ‘That was my dream. Joe and Jenny got married. We went together.'

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